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Skydiving (Parachuting)

Skydiving (Parachuting)
Nepal Travel Activity

Nepal may be a cultural jewel of the world with its mountains, temples, architecture and people, but it is not without its fun and adventure. Nepal’s varied topography and Himalayan peaks give birth to some of the worlds most exotic, beautiful skydiving locations in the world.

Among other adventure sports, skydiving is fast becoming a popular Nepal travel activity.

Previously unattainable and costly to the average person due to restrictions and special permissions requirements, skydiving in Nepal is now becoming more and more popular thanks to companies such as Avia Club Nepal who will take up skydivers.

Previously, skydiving in Nepal has been an event that almost demanded sponsorship as the prices for a jump have ranged in the 1000s of dollars. One group jump in 2008 in the Everest region cost $25,000 per person!

It is now possible to book affordable skydiving flights for professional skydivers for a fraction of the price, through air sports companies such as Avia Tours & Travels in close cooperation with sister company Avia Club Nepal, for nothing more than a regular ultralight flight! ie. around 90 Euro for 10,000 feet!

It’s surprising, that given Nepal’s unique terrain, that air sports such as Skydiving, Paragliding, etc. didn’t come to Nepal sooner, but the economic and volatile political situation has slowed the progress of adventure sports in Nepal. With the current situation in Nepal stabilized, air sports such and skydiving are expanding exponentially.

Currently there is a great deal of interest in developing Nepal, especially the Pokhara area as a skydiving and parachuting competition destination due to it’s almost perfect seasonal weather and conditions.

Skydiving, also known as parachuting, is an activity dating back long before powered flight. In 1797 a Frenchman, Andre-Jaques Garnerin completed the first recored, successful parachute jump from a hot-air balloon.

Parachuting, was later adopted by the military as a way of delivering soldiers to the battlefield and as early as the 1930s, the first true skydiving/parachuting competitions were held.

Today, various forms of skydiving are practiced from skysurfing to wingsuiting. All of which are becoming becoming popular in Nepal.

Currently, to skydive in Nepal with Avia Club Nepal, you must be a professional, possess a skydiving/parachuting license and have proof of your own insurance, but future regulations, should allow the operations of skydiving schools and tandem skydiving flights for amateurs.

Skydiving in Nepal may not be on the top of your Nepal travel activities, but for the many that feel the need to feel the rush of freefall in exotic places around the world, Nepal is the place to go.

It’s best to book in advance, as the flights are busy during the tourist season from October – March and for those not ready to take the leap, the company also provides fun, scenic and mountain flights from ultralights.

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