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Panchamul Sirubari

Panchamul Sirubari
Nepal Travel Destination

The idea alone – of building a town like Panchamul Sirubari – was an important step for promotion of travel to Nepal. This town is the first model village designed for the traveler to experience village-based lifestyle during their stay here.

Panchamul Sirubari is a town that is blessed with the beauty of its natural surroundings. The town is one of the richest Gurung villages in terms of its traditions and traditional culture. (You can read more about the Gurung lifestyle on our ethnic groups page.) Panchamul Sirubari is a unique example of eco-cultural tourism in Nepal and is a new and exciting tourism product originated and produced by local people.

To get to this interesting town, you can trek for 4 hours from Syangja. There are regular bus services between Pokhara and Syangja available, and of course there are several lodges and teahouses also in the area.

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