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Avia Travel NepalNuwakot
Nepal Travel Destination

The town of Nuwakot is an old fortress that used to be an important strategic outpost. From here the ancient trade routes to Tibet could be closely watched.  The kings of a medieval Nepal maintained large garrisons here.

Besides it being a historical military post for the kings, Nuwakot possesses a number of artistic buildings its hilltop which would remind a local traveling to the area of Nepal’s traditional architecture that originated from the Kathmandu Valley.

The town offers terrific views of the mountains and the surrounding rural villages.  The palace of Nuwakot was once one of the palaces of the great King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who conquered Nuwakot before conquering the Kathmandu Valley.  (You can read more abou King Prithvi Narayan Shah on our Kathmandu Valley page under “history”)

For those wishing to travel here, there are regular bus services to Trishuli from Kathmandu.  To reach the hilltop where Nuwakot sits, can be reached with a 30 minute jeep ride. You can also take a short one hour trek to the top of the hill.

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