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Nepal Travel Destination

Sitting at the lap of the gigantic Himalaya, Manang is a unique village with a compact collection of 500 flat-roofed houses separated by narrow alley ways. To reach a doorway you have to walk up a steep log notched object with steps. The setting of the village is most dramatic, with the summits of Annapurna and Gangapurna less than 8 kilometers away, and a huge icefall rumbling and crashing on the flanks of the peaks. The Gompas at Manang and Braga are very interesting and if you travel to Manang, they would be worth visiting.

To travel to the Manang area, you can trek for about 6 days (depending how fit your are or how fast or slow you walk) from Besi Sahar of the Lamjung District and this will take you to the Manang village. There are regular public bus services to Besi Sahar from Kathmandu. For those that do not prefer to travel by foot, Manang also has an airstrip.

There are several lodges available in Manang.

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