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Makalu Barun National Park Conservation Area

Makalu Barun National Park Conservation Area
Nepal Travel Destination

Named after the fifth highest peak in the world, the Makalu (8463 meters) and the Barun Valley, the Makalu Barun National Park and Conservation Area borders the Sagarmatha (Everest) National park in the west, the Nepal-Tibet border in the north, Saune Danda ridge in the south and the Arun River in the east.

What makes this park stand out among all of Nepal’s conserved areas, this one is considered the most rich in biodiversity. With an area of 2330 square kilometers sits variety of vegetation begins with its tropical sal forests below the 1000 meter mark. Within the 1000-2000 meter range sub-tropical forests dominate. Between 3000-4000 meters the land is considered the sub-alpine vegetations and ranges from fir to birch and has various rhododendron species. In its higher alpine pastures from 4000-5000 meters grows a variety of herbs, grasses and rhododendron/juniper shrubs.

There are over 47 species of orchids, 48 varieties of primrose, and more than 65 different species of bamboo. Birdwatchers can enjoy the sight and sound of more than 400 species including the sotted wrenbabbler and the olive ground warbler which are considered an odd sight in Nepal. The gushing Arun River boasts more than 80 species of fish.

Athough not commonly spotted, the endangered Red Panda, clouded leopard and Himalayan black bear also linger in the conservation area. Other wildlife found in the park are the weasel, serow, ghoral, wild boar, barking deer, and the common langur monkey.

To reach the park you will have to take a plane to your choice of airstrips including: Lukla, Bhojpur, Tumlingtar, Lamidanda, or Phaplu followed by some trekking to the park itself.

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