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Nepal Travel Destination

Most people would know that Lumbini is not just some other sacred town, but is in fact the birthplace of Lord Buddha who was born more than 2500 years ago. One of the legends for his birth goes like this: His mother was from a royal family, and she had a dream telling her she was going to be giving birth soon. Queen Maya Devi’s, Buddha’s mother, dreamed a white elephant with nine tusks come down to her from the heavens and entered her body. When the time was approaching that she was going to give birth, she started her journey to her parent’s home but did not make it all the way, instead she gave birth to him in the gardens of Lumbini. The price was said to have stood up immediately after birth and took seven steps in the four cardinal directions. It is believed that wherever his feet touched, a lotus tree bloomed.

After the learning, achieving nirvana, teachings and creating of Buddhism, Lumbini has now become a sacred place visited by followers and interested parties from all over the world. The garden and its surroundings have been restored and preserved for visitors and worshipers alike. You can find ancient remains of stupas and monasteries in the area and there is even a large stone pillar that was built in 250 AD with an inscription about the birth of Buddha.

In the vicinity of the birthplace, there is also a temple dedicated to his mother, the temple of Maya Devi. There is an image of her giving birth to Buddha. The image has been worn down a bit by barren women stroking it in hopes for fertility. Also in the same area, there is the pool where Maya Devi gave her son his first purification bath.

Lumbini is a pleasant town if your travels allow you time to to visit. Whether you are an active Buddhist or a non-believer, anyone visiting this place can feel the serene spirituality and peace pulsating from these sacred worshiping grounds.

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