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Nepal Travel Destination

Kodari, Nepal

The town of Kodari lies on the Nepal-China border. Besides being a place of interesting and unique natural beauty, it has an important historical background tracing back to ancient times. For those who are planning to travel from Nepal to China (or vice versa) by heading through Kodari, you will become a part of history.

Kodari was originally a base point for the trans-Himalayan caravan route or what some people describe as the Nepali version of the Silk Road. Merchants who were bound for Lhasa would have to pass through here then would proceed to head north from Kodari and cross the Kuti pass before turning east to begin the perilous journey over the Tibetan plateau.

Today, this border village is still an important trading center between China (Tibet) and Nepal. The 144 kilometer Arniko Highway connecting Kathmandu with Kodari is not just a useful path but it is also very beautiful. The route passes through magnificent river gorges and splendid mountain scenery.

Three kilometers short of Kodari is one of the famous hot water springs called Tatopani (tato= hot and pani=water). People travel here from all over Nepal to rest their tired bodies in the hot water for its therapeutic value and also for the relaxing atmosphere.

To reach Kodari it is just a 4-5 hours drive from Kathmnadu. There are also regular bus services available. If preferred, there are also taxis that travel between Tatopani and Kodari.

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