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Khaptad National Park

Khaptad National Park
Nepal Travel Destination

Khaptad National Park is one of the least traveled very remote parks in Nepal, and is full of wonder. The park mostly sits on a plateau of grasslands at an elevation near 3000 meters it is also the newest established National Park in Nepal. Khaptad spreads over 225 square kilometers, and houses many treasures such as wildlife and important religious sites.

It is home to various animals such as the barking deer, ghoral, rhesus monkey, langur monkey and wild boar. Some of the less-sighted animals that call this park home are the leopard, wild dog and the jackal. The park also has over 224 species of medicinal herbs as well as over 135 species of flowers including buttercups, gentians, wildberries, and primulas.

Some religious sites or temples that you might come upon are the Shiva Temple (near the meeting of the three rivers), the Sahashra Linga (which is at the highest point in the park at 3200 meters), and the Ganesh Temple. Some of the other locations you might find are for meditation and should not be disturbed.

There are not yet any established guest houses in the park area, so you will need to be prepared to camp by bringing your own food, supplies, and fuel. Nepal’s larger cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara have places to buy or rent such equipment. To get into the actual park there will be light to moderate hiking. You can extend the length of walking time however you feel fit, but regardless there will be a few days of walking involved.

Since it is such a new National Park in Nepal, and extremely remote, its access is an accomplishment all its own. There are few different ways to get to the park. One way is to fly to (the rarely open) airports of Dipayal with a 3 day walk, or Achaam followed by a 2 day walk. The more reliable place to fly to would be the Bajhang airport with a 2 day walk or if you want more walking then fly to Bajura with a 4 day walk. The last main option would be to fly to Nepalgunj from there take a bus to Silgadhi and hike for 6 hours to reach the park entrance. From the park entrance you will hike for another 7-8 hours to the park headquarters.

If traveling to the northern parts of the park in the higher altitudes (up to 3200 meters) you should take your time and give yourself a chance to adapt to elevation changes and be aware of any symptoms of altitude sickness.

The plants and animals are protected and should not be disturbed. It is always best to bring a basic first aid kit since you will be in this remote setting without any medical centers around. This park also prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and meat products while visiting. Travel strictly from sunrise to sunset is also enforced.

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