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Nepal Travel Destination

Jumla, on the banks of the Tila River at 2370 meters, is one of the highest rice growing areas in the world. The entire Tila valley is covered with paddy fields growing a unique red rice that is more tasty than white rice, but is scorned by most local people. The people in this region speak their own version of Nepali. The people throughout the region are Thakuris, and also Chhetris who have the highest social, political and ritual status. (To read more about Chhetris and Thakuris culture see our ethnic groups page.) Treks to Rara National Park starts and ends at Jumla.
Humla is a high and dry land hemmed by snowcapped peak in three sides that shut out most outside influences, including the monsoon. There are no trekking facilities in this area but the local Buddhist highlanders are accomodating to strangers.
To get to Jumla or Humla, there are a number of domestic airlines that fly from Nepalgunj and less frequently from Kathmandu. Similarly there are regular flights to Simikot ( Humla’s district headquarters) from Nepalgunj.
There are a few lodges in Jumla and there are a couple tea houses where you might be able to stay. Camping is also an option, but you should be self sufficient with fuel and food if you choose to do so.

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