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Nepal Travel Destination

Janakpur is the capital of the ancient state of Mithila and in the middle of the area lay sits the famous Janaki Temple. The town is in the terai and has a more Indian style of décor and feel. The architecture and the design of the palace is worth the trip to Janakpur itself. The palace is intricately embellished and its cleanliness really makes it stand out against the sandy colored ground and the blue sky.

Sita, the wife of Lord Ram, was born here and throughout the year many Hindu pilgrims visit and pay their respects to them. Ram was considered to be perfect in any and every way and his wife Sita was said to be the exact match for him. During the month of Chaitra (November-December) the city becomes very lively because of the Bibah Panchami Festival; it is dedicated to the perfect couple and has the streets full of celebrators reenacting their wedding ceremony. For about a week you can find wedding festivities and happy followers coming together to be a part of their perfect love match.

For the rest of the year, the city is full of merchants lining the streets and normal day-to-day activities. Observing the daily life here near the south of Nepal, makes for an interesting trip to see the differences and similarities of daily routines between here and the Kathmandu Valley.

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