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Himalayan River Fishing

Himalayan River Fishing
Nepal Travel Activity

When the British arrived in India, they heard legends from the locals of the North Indian communities, that within the rivers coming out of (at the time forbidden) Nepal there was a fish that was pound for pound the most fierce fighter in the world. A fish, that would simply shred fishing lines, drag poles, and would refuse to get caught. The mentality of the time would allow the inquisitive to try and prove the locals wrong. Little did they know, that within the Himalayan rivers, there was indeed, a fish so powerful that when caught on a line would forgo swimming downstream, would stay on objective and swim upstream to get away; upstream, of some of the most powerful rivers in the world. This is your chance to test yourself against this amazing fish. Join one of our fishing expeditions up the remote Himalayan rivers away from the usual tourist attractions and try your hand at the unparalleled Himalayan Masheer.

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Thus far, this has been one of Nepal’s least known tourist attractions. Fishing in Nepal, is a great way to combine everything that’s involved in seeing Nepal, trekking and fishing all into one fun and adventurous activity.

Though Nepal’s rivers are home to dozens of fish species none however are as prized by anglers as the Himalayan Mahseer.

During your fishing trip, you will venture into remote parts of Nepal and up along the powerful Himalayan river systems to try your hand at the mighty Mahseer.

Nepal is the ideal fishing destination for these fish. As the glacial melt from and the steep angle of the rivers creates an extreme obstacle for the fish, only the toughest, biggest and most prudent make it up to these fishing destinations.

The Mahseer can grow to be over 2 meters in length and fighting with one of these beasts of the Himalayan rivers is certain to provide a fun challenge for even the most experienced of anglers.

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