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Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve
Nepal Travel Destination

If your desired travels to Nepal involve a hunting and hiking challenge, Nepal’s Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve might be the right place to start this escapade.

The reserve, spread over 1300 square kilometers, is home to many game animals such as the blue sheep (which is the most popular hunting trophy), Himalayan black bear, mouse hare, leopard ghoral, and wild boar. It is also home to some endangered animals such as the Red panda, musk deer, and wolf.

The elevation ranges from 3000 meters up to the higher snow-capped heights of 7000 meters making it a pleasant location to see different climate changes as well as different trees and other plant life. You might even get some views of the Dhaulagiri Range since you are so close. There are two different lodges near the reserve which serve simple Nepali dishes but the best idea for your adventure would be to pack an adequate amount of food and fuel as well as camping gear and “rough-it” with the animals.

February-April and August-October are the best times to go hunting in the reserve. You will have to buy a license to hunt which is issued by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation which you can find in Kathmandu. Some travel agencies can also help to provide you with the permit.

The reserve, only one of its kind in the country, has controlled hunting of game animals in their natural surroundings which does not mean it is as easy as driving up to the park, getting out of your vehicle and shooting. It takes some time to get there. You have multiple options to arrive at the Dhorpatan hunting reserve.

Depending on your hiking desires or length of time you plan to stay in Nepal, you have a few options of getting there. You may fly to a few choices of locations like Baglung from Pokhara or Kathmandu and from there it is a 4 day walk. If a travel agent has not set you up with a private bus, you could take a public bus from Kathmandu or Pokhara or taxi near, and start the journey with a few days hike into the reserve, you can simply hike for 5 days from Pokhara, or there have been times where a helicopter service from Kathmandu was available to get you there in the quickest (not cheapest) way possible.

Aside from just hiking and hunting, the reserve also has some different religious places (remember you are still in Nepal). Along the banks of the Uttarganga River, you can find the Dhorbaraha. Here, there is a religious festival held every year in August for the day of Janai Punima. At this time you can find many locals flocking to the area.

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