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Nepal Travel Destination

Found at the confluence of the Kali Gandaki and Trisuli rivers, sits the popular Hindu pilgrimage site of Devghat. This holy place of worship is just north of the jungle safari destination of Chitwan National Park.

In the month of January, devotees gather here during the Makar Sankranti festival, and take cleansing baths in the rivers. There are a number of sacred temples and historical sites near Devghat. You can visit these places by making a side trip to the Triveni temple and Balmiki Ashram where the great sage Balmiki had his retreat. The Someswar Kalika temple and fort or the Pandavanagar is where the protagonists of the Mahabharat once lived. You can also find the Kabilaspur fort that was built by the old kings of Palpa from Tansen.

To get to Devghat, there are buses that shuttle between Narayanghat and Devghat. The bus ride usually takes around 30 minutes and is followed by a pleasant hour-long walk along the riverside path through the woods.

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