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Nepal Travel Destination

Charikot, which is in the eastern upper part of the Dolkha township, has enchanting mountain views of Gaurishankar. Here there is a famous roofless temple named Dolkha Bhimsen. Travel to Jiri along its highway is a popular way to start treks into the Sagarmatha (Everest) area. Since the road is frequently used, especially in the tourist season, it was developed with good intention and is famous for its environment friendly approach adopted during its design, construction and maintenance. Jirels are one of the countless unique ethnic groups of Nepal, and they are found living in Jiri and the surrounding area.

Charikot is around 130 kilometers away from Kathmandu. You can get to Charikot and Jiri if you can take the Araniko Highway until you reach the 78km mark and then you will break away from the highway. The road will climb about 1800 meters out of the Sun Koshi Valley reaching an elevation of 2540 meters. There are regular bus services available, many starting from the Kathmandu Valley.

As for accomodations in this area, there are at least a dozen lodges on either side of the main street in the main Bazaar available for the visiting travelers.

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