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Ethnic Groups of Nepal

Ethnic Groups of Nepal

Nepali Sherpa man The Sherpas are by far the most famous ethnic group found mostly in the northeastern reaches of Nepal. They are widely known for their friendly demeanor and impeccable mountaineering skills as leaders, porters, and guides. They live in the higher altitudes which has helped them achieve (and helped others to achieve) many […]

Festivals of Nepal

With festivals springing up and celebrations happening for almost any reason at any time-day or night, rain or shine (there are probably people celebrating each rain and each sunny day) it is a mystery how the people of Nepal ever have time to work. Someone once made a statement that there are 365 days in […]

Tibetan Medicine

Special Nepal Travel Activit Many people who travel to Nepal will come across a Tibetan Medicine doctor (or shop) by accidentally finding it in a seemingly odd alleyway or just by chance while they are exploring the country. The average person that comes to Nepal does not even think about the possible opportunity of seeing […]