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Nepal Travel Activity

Canyoning is an adventure sport that involves traveling down creeks or streams within a canyon. This sport should not be confused with simply walking down a canyon. This new-to-Nepal adventurous sporty activity requires technical descents that require rappels and rope-work; you will climb down waterfalls through the steep canyon walls into deep pools of fresh water. Some parts will include technical climbing, abseiling (traveling down by means of rope), wading, boulder hoping, sliding, technical jumps, and some technical swims all while using safe techniques. This unique blend of challenges and necessary skills needed in one sport allows the determined canyoneer the freedom to see places in remote rugged settings that seem to be the untouched and unexplored reaches of the country.

Many of Nepal’s visitors have discovered the most exciting spot for swimming begins at the edge of a 45m waterfall. Descend down a steep canyon, past wild rock formations, through a powerful blast of water and reward yourself by jumping into the refreshing pool of water. Within the canyons there are peaceful spots to rest on a beach or venture out by swimming between narrow boulders.

In Nepal, there are three main developed areas to go canyoning:

The Panglang Khola is an immaculate canyon and offers a challenging and enjoyable introduction to the canyoning sport. This area is used as a first-step working towards more challenging canyons with more abseiling like the Kahule Khola. Here at the Panglang Khola you will work on improving your control over your descent and practice using other safety equipment.

The Kanglang Khola is a little more challenging than the Panglang Khola. It is considered the “next step” in your canyoning adventure. Here at the Kanglang Khola you get to work on your jumping and sliding skills and gives you ample time to develop and challenge your skills as well. The walk to the Kanglang Khola is rewarding in itself, there are spectacular views of the snowy Tibetan Plateau peaks and the lush green valleys of Nepal. It is common for canyoneers to combine a day at Panglang Khola followed by a day at Kanglang Khola.

The Kahule Khola offers a completely different experience from the Panglang Khola. The Kahule canyon is more challenging with its higher flow of water and semi-difficult rappels, high pool jumps, rock hopping, and water slides. Swimming skills are especially important for this canyoning experience.

The Bhukuthe Khola is the newest developed canyon for the sport. It has a testing 60 meter drop where you (with the assistance of your guide) will descend with the use of safety gear and rope. To get to the canyon you will take a 40 minute walk through fields and forest sand and this beautiful and challenging canyon is definitely a canyon that should not be missed!

All of these mentioned canyoning areas have pleasant resorts in the surrounding area, so taking a few days to “canyon” and enjoy resting in between these excursions at these resorts are a nice way to relax. Although these areas are the most developed for safety and the sport, there are ways to arrange expeditions to explore some untouched areas in Nepal. Also many people like to combine a rafting, trekking, or even bungee jumping expedition into their journey to Nepal.

Canyoning adventures can be arranged in Kathmandu or by a travel agency. Proper canyoning guides will provide safety instructions; demonstrations and some practice time before any steep descends. Besides all the fun and games and the sports apparent simplicity, canyoning should not be done without a proper guide who knows about the area as well as the sport. And as a canyoneer, although there are areas to be explored by all levels, it helps to have some swimming skills and a somewhat good level of fitness and some upper body strength.

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