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Nepal Travel Destination

Biratnagar is Nepal’s second biggest city. The place is prospering as a hub for the trade and other industry businesses. Its streets are lined with array of concrete building and border-bazaar shops and the mood of the city center is relatively laid- back and amazingly traffic-free. Every Wednesday there is the Biratnagar’s haat Bazaar which is set up in a field to the east of town and is definitely worth a visit for all travelers.

Bhediari is a close-by town located only ten kilometers south of Biratnagar. If you travel here you can find interesting ancient ruins of many brick temples. There is a two- meter high rectangular platform supported from inside by cross walls. Many people in the surrounding areas think of these old temples as important because a large number of silver punch-marked coins have been found here. So far, no stone or terra cotta style images have been found during any excavations.

To get to Biratnagar there are direct buses available from Kathmandu and other major cities. Daily there are several flights to the Biratnagar Airport which is 4 kilometers north of town.

Like most of Nepal’s larger cities and towns, Biratnagar has different accomodations to please any and all travelers from standard hotels to other luxurious accommodations.

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