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Baraha Chhetra

Baraha Chhetra
Nepal Travel Destination

When asked about Baraha Chhetra, most Hindus would reply that they consider it one of the four greatest and traveled to Hindu pilgrimage sites found in Nepal. According to the myth Baraha Chhetra is the place where Barah, the boar incarnation of Lord Bishnu – the protector of the universe – fought with the demon Hiranakshya. After the battle, Lord Bishnu was successful and killed the evil demon. Travelers traveling to Baraha Chhetra, will find here a main shrine dedicated to Barah, as well as many other temples in the area that bear the image of Bishnu’s boar incarnation.

Barah Chhetra is located north of Biratnagar at the confluence of the mighty Saptakoshi and Koka rivers 20km from Dharan in Eastern Nepal.

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