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Travel to Nepal, is becoming more and more popular, but planning to travel to another country, let alone one as remote as Nepal, can be a daunting and stressful task. We at Avia Tours & Travel are here to make the job of planning a Nepal travel experience a breeze, letting you focus on enjoying your vacation rather than the many hurdles and challenges involved in planning. For a description of Nepal as a travel destination, please see the ‘about Nepal Travel‘ page.

Nepal Travel Encyclopedia

We have created a Nepal Travel Encyclopedia with information on hundreds of Nepal attractions, destinations, and activities. The beauty of the encyclopedia, is that you are able to add items to your own custom itinerary and instantly submit your travel plan for a quote. Our own live travel planners, will review your trip, and even suggest changes, if your travel plans need some tweaking, based on your schedule or desires absolutely free. We know that everyone’s travel plans are different, and the Nepal attractions that appeal to some, may not be of interest to you. With our custom Nepal travel planner, you get to choose the attractions and we figure out how you can accomplish that in the time frame you have set aside for Nepal.

Click here to access the encyclopedia.

Nepal Travel Packages

Certainly not everyone that wishes to visit Nepal will have a concise idea as to what and where they want to go once they get here. Our pre-designed Nepal travel packages complete with descriptions of the attractions and links to our own encyclopedia, offer you both a complete travel package at your fingertips, as well as a great point from which to start your travel plans. Knowing that all our Nepal travel packages are customizable to your needs, it’s easy to plan a Nepal trip you desire. Whether you are looking for trekking, eco-tourism, are an actions sports & adventure junkie, or simply planning a getaway in the Himalayas, this is the place to start your travels.

Click here to view Nepal Travel Packages

Nepal Travel Articles

If you are looking for Nepal travel articles, you will find those in our articles section. We have articles on many Nepal travel topics both by our own expert authors, as well as those submitted by members. They range on a wide variety of topics from trekking in Nepal to Rafting, ultralight flights in the Himalayas, fishing and many many others. Hand picked and chosen with the tourist in mind, these Nepal travel articles are meant to reveal Nepal and to prepare the traveler for their travel experience.

Click here to view Nepal Travel Articles

Nepal Travel Photo Gallery

There is no question, that Nepal is very photogenic and no matter where you point your camera, you are bound to get in interesting and often very original photo. Our Nepal travel photo gallery is a combination of our own and member submitted photos from various Nepal travel activities. There is everything from Nepal trekking photos to beautiful shots of the Himalayas taken from ultralight flights out of Pokhara. There are hundreds of Nepal photos to browse through. We hope you enjoy the experience.

Click here to access the Nepal Travel Photo Gallery

Planning to travel to Nepal yourself from outside the country and expecting a trouble free experience without some help, is near impossible.  Many of those who have utilized our services, came to us, after just such a realization and have benefited greatly from our connections and experience by saving tons of money and leaving Nepal with great travel memories that they will never forget.  You can read, talk and ask questions about your own Nepal travel experience or have a look at the photo gallery for a visual look at travel in Nepal.

Despite constant growth, travel to Nepal is still considered by most to be a world apart from the “west”, especially in terms of communications and accessibility.

Why is this important?  Read on….

Nepal is one of the most beautiful, magical, and most traveled to countries in the world, but at the same time, it’s not the United States, Australia or Europe where a planning mistake is simply a temporary inconvenience.  When talking about travel to Nepal, a planning mistake can at best ruin the whole experience and at worst leave you stranded without hotel, guide, or a way out.

This is one of the exact reasons that Avia Tours & Travel exists.  We plan your entire stay from the start of your Nepal travel experience to your departure so that you can fully enjoy this wonderful country, people and culture, without the stresses and worries involved in planning your Nepal vacation yourself.

So what exactly are the pitfalls that people struggle with when planning a Nepal travel package themselves?

Ultralight over Nepal.

The first is money! Nepal offers more for your travel experience than just beautiful scenery and time worn temples, trekking, ultralight sightseeing from the air, bungee jumping, rafting, national parks, and many, many more. Nepal is a spiritual fairytale getaway, from the rest of the world.  Booking hotels and activities yourself however, will cost you more than just your valuable time, but also money.  As a travel agency and trip planning service based in Nepal, we are able to secure significant discounts on such services and travel attractions and extend these discounts to our clients, saving them valuable time and money, which can either be saved or extended to see much more of Nepal than what would be possible when booking yourself.

Your trip to Nepal may very well be your last or the first of many, so make the most of the travel experience and see more of Nepal for your time and money.

Many of our Nepal travel programs & packages, involve more than just bringing you to a destination to have your photo taken next to an ancient temple, but also let you participate in cultural activities, such as dance, weddings, yoga, puja, ceremonies, festivals and traditional cultural items that immerse you in Nepal and let you experience not just the natural beauty of Nepal, but its cultural beauty and diversity as well. See the special activities sections for more info.

The second challenge when planning a Nepal trip yourself, as pointed out above, is communication challenges, and staying in constant contact with trekking, rafting, national park resorts, hotels, guides, transportation and others all while at the same time getting all to work with you on your schedule and time frame.  Avia Tours & Travel, does just that and we’re good at it, making the issue of keeping in touch and negotiating the best price with all the above services a non factor for you.

You can travel on your schedule!

The third and probably the most important challenge, is being sure that you see as much of Nepal as possible for the time frame that you have with us.  When planning Nepal travel packages for a restricted time frame with only a few days dedicated to Nepal, seeing the most in the limited time is usually your goal. Because, simple travel between destinations in Nepal can take up a lot of the limited time you have, most wind up seeing less than more of what they wanted.  Avia Tours & Travel knows exactly how to handle such a situation, by planning your Nepal vacation specifically for the time available in Nepal in order to maximize what you see during your travels.

Moreover, there are always the questions of quality and assurance that your Nepal travel plan will go ‘according to plan’. We, through our experience in Nepal, are able to provide quick answers to those questions so that our clients spend more time enjoying the country rather than worrying about logistics.

Will there be a rafting trip down the river 2 days before your trek?

How will you get there?

Where is the hotel? Is it nice?

Where do you eat?

Should your desired trip to Chitwan National Park fit in before or after the trek or rafting due to you time frame?

Providing solutions and positive results for your Nepal vacation and the above questions is what Avia Tours & Travel is known for.

Moreover, all of our programs & packages are completely customizable!  More ideas, and travel attractions for you to choose from.

It’s fairly simple, if one of the pre designed travel programs does not work for you, let us know and we will design one specifically for you and your time frame, at no cost to you. Simply contact us, and we can talk one on one, about a Nepal travel itinerary specifically for you and your needs.

If you need travel ideas, see our Nepal’s Attractions Encyclopedia for specific attractions.  The encyclopedia offers descriptions with photos of Nepal’s travel attractions and destinations, and there are numerous attractions to choose from.  So, enjoy the site, and let us help you plan your Nepal trip.